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Indian Spices

The Indian spices include a variety of spices that are grown on the Indian subcontinent.

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Singh's Indian Restaurant is well known and has worked in a renowned Indian restaurant. The most important thing is that our chef looks after the quality of the food. Our staff endeavors to give you the best support. You will feel at Singh Indian Restaurant


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Indian cuisine is enjoying increasing popularity in Germany, although - strictly speaking - there is no "Indian cuisine". India is a continent, comparable to Europe, only there are significantly more different cultures in India. Depending on the region, the dishes are also very different. What we offer you is the hearty cuisine of Punjab in northern India. Today, the Punjab is the granary of India. In the time of the Mughals it was also the political center, and - inspired by the enjoyable moguls - the local cuisine is accordingly refined. The Ayurvedic knowledge of the healing power of herbs and spices has been integrated into the regional cuisine.



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